Sports Nutrition Services

Attention: Marathoners looking for breakthrough performance

Do you know what a difference your marathon diet makes in your marathon training?

I have discovered a surprising way to dramatically improve your performance in your next marathon. And that is:

You can improve your marathon finishing time by 6-20 percent by improving your body composition

If you are carrying around an extra 10 lbs and you now run at a 9:00 minute pace you could improve your marathon time from 3:55:48 to 3:47:04. Without running any extra miles.

Wow! Do you realise how much that extra weight is costing you?

To improve your body composition you improve the ratio of fat mass to lean mass in your body. You lose fat and gain muscle.

I hear you saying “But I have tried to lose weight and NOTHING has worked”.

Losing weight is not your answer, changing your body composition is.

Sports Nutrition Services

  • BMR testing and Body Fat Testing
  • Individualized meal planning for optimal body composition
  • Individualized meal planning for Performance and Energy
  • Carbo Loading week plan
  • Recovery Nutrition
  • Hydration Strategy
  • Race day nutrition and hydration
  • Meal planning specifics for any sport categories
  • Disordered eating awareness and management
  • Guidelines for training specifics to match goals and with nutrition strategy