About Ilana – Atlanta Nutritionist

Welcome to Optimal Nutrition for Life – Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Energy.

Ilana Katz is a licensed dietitian in Atlanta, specializing in sports nutrition and body composition. She participates in many endurance and team events and can relate personally to her client’s training and weight management needs.

Ilana is in private practice as well as consulting to coaches, doctors and corporations. She works with many local celebrities, elite athletes, recreational athletes and those ready to look good at the beach.

Whether your goal is to be a leaner, thus faster athlete or work on body composition and weight management or just find your optimal energy, Ilana Katz’s Metabolic Boost program can see you to your goal.

The personalized meal planning of the Metabolic Boost program takes into consideration all areas of your life, including training, social, family and work schedules.

Marathon Diet help from Runners World and Ilana Katz

Sampling of Nutrition Experience for Ilana Katz

Ilana Katz has published articles in Runner’s World magazine, Sports and Fitness Magazines, Active.com, Triathlete, and on editorial board of PoweringMuscles.com, the OptimalAthlete.com and DedicatedAthlete.com

    • Co-Author for sport nutrition educational text (Springboard Divers Nutrition)
    • Nutrition for many local celebrities
    • Live radio panel on Barnes and Firfer morning radio and Bert Show in-house nutrition expert
    • Live TV appearance for UPN “Meet the Products”, Nutrition at Peachtree Athletic Club
    • Corporate Wellness consultant for Harmony Properties, Blue Ridge Capital, St Martins School, Dekalb Medical facility Security team, Shira Miller Communications, as well as others
    • Guest Author for “Triathlon for Every Woman” (wrote the nutrition chapter)
Winter  Olympics Nutrition
  • Sports nutritionist consultant for Troy Jacobson, creator of Spinerval DVDs
  • On nutritional panel for launch of Starbucks Protein drinks – Vivanno
  • Adjunct Lecturer for LIFE University Nutrition Department
  • Heads up Nutrition clinic at LIFE University’s wellness and optimal performance center
  • Selected to appear on a panel to answer sports nutrition questions for Olympic Athletes
  • CNN fit nation nutrition consult
  • Appeared on Dr. Sanjay Gupta – CNN live

Education and Certification

  • Georgia State University, Master of Science in Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Dietetic internship with enrichment in Sports Nutrition
  • Registered / Licensed Dietitian
  • Certified Specialized Sports Dietitian
  • National Council of Certified Personal Trainers (N.C.C.P.T.)

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