Sports Nutrition for the Winter Olympics– Vancouver 2010


As of today, 19 February, the USA is leading in medals. We currently have 18 and the closet rival is Germany with 11 medals total. I say “we” lightly, as many of you who know me personally know that I am very much American, but there is still a huge place in my heart for my Motherland, South Africa.  I watched the opening ceremonies last week, and even though there was only one athlete from “home”, I still have a tear in my eye, as I see the flag I feel most patriotic to (South Africa) go by. Let’s face it, for a country being so close to the equator, we don’t expect to be in contention for medals in the Winter Olympics, but wait for the track and field in 2012… or better yet, hosting the World Cup Soccer within the next few months, I have faith that my “we” will be referring to South Africa.

World Cup Soccer Stadium - Cape Town (2010) - photo taken on my trip earlier this year
My trip to CT – world cup soccer stadium – Cape Town (2010)

Anyway, that’s all besides my main point of this blog… I feel like a proud American when I can say that maybe, just maybe, I had some small role to play as part of the leading USA team.

Being on an expert panel as a resource to athletes and answering sports nutrition questions for them has been a highlight for me for this Winter Games. Many of these athletes are also blogging and so far, I have found my name twice in the blog on the NBC official Olympic site.

Here are those links…. Enjoy!! And feel free to send feedback!

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  1. Jan says:

    Very impressive!

  2. Laurie Solomon says:

    Very cool, Ilana! Congratulations!!