Optimal Nutrition for Life

Many people want to lose weight but very few know how to do it. Consistently. Effectively. That is, anyone can lose a bit for a while but how do you make lasting changes?

What are the principles you need to know to become lean and strong? Do you have time and energy to research those principles for yourself?

Especially if you are swimming, biking, running or trying to keep up with a two year old. You have enough to do to keep up with your laundry.

become lean and strong

Yet knowing nutritional principles can be the difference between fat and lean. One way to learn all that stuff is to do what I did: get a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Metabolism. If that is a bit much for you to take on, you can just piggyback off of my research and practice. ONForLife has been created to show you how to become lean and strong.

This is what this site is all about: How do you become lean and strong?

You can eat nothing but 1200 calories a day of Cheetos and you will lose weight. But… you do realize that will kill you, don’t you? (Dear Frito Lay lawyers, just an illustration, no offense to Cheetos intended.)

Remember when Oprah lost all that weight? We all said “well sure if I had a personal trainer and personal chef, I could lose weight too”. Getting started with ONForLife is kind of like having your own personal chef.

(Except for the part about us actually cooking the food for you.)

What we are is your own personal nutrition coach and mentor. You can poke around our site and pick up pointers about how to coach yourself to weight loss success. Or you can join our coaching program and leapfrog the nutritional learning curve to weight loss success.

ONForLife introduces the Metabolic Boost program. The program will boost your metabolism, which is a key to losing FAT. This is your goal. LESS fat. Less weight you don’t really care about. Trust me. Remember the Cheetos.

We analyze what you are currently doing and then lay out a plan of action for you. The meal plans we create are unique to your circumstances – sports training, diabetic, vegetarian….

We teach you how to make appropriate nutrition choices, describing exactly how your meals should look and how to conveniently plan out the day accordingly. In a nutshell, we assist you in creating long term meal plans so that your goals are maintainable and appropriate. Individual challenges, sports nutrition specifics, tapering for a race, high cholesterol and overall changes in physical activity are just some of the examples taken into consideration. Then depending on how your individual metabolism responds we can then further assist in adjusting meal plans as necessary…just like your own personal chef would do.

Come into our kitchen!