My Wedding Dress Fits!

My Wedding Dress Fits

After Ilana’s success with a local radio DJ (helping him get ready to be featured in a “shirtless” photo shoot), an intern at the station asked for help fitting into her wedding dress.  You see, something had gone wrong after her initial fitting with the seamstress.

She had gained 15 pounds.  And the wedding was in 5 weeks.  Yep, you heard that right. 15 pounds, 5 weeks.

Ilana created a meal plan that would help her zip up that dress and still have the energy and stamina to get through those last weeks of wedding preparations.

Every week Ilana met with the bride-to-be, checked her food logs, tweaked her plan and ZIPPED UP THE DRESS.  Tried to zip up the dress.  And by the big day – the dress zipped.

What big event do you have coming up?