Better food choices at fast food restaurants

I know sometimes it can’t be helped.  Your meeting ran late, the kid’s soccer game was delayed – whatever the reason you are starving and if you don’t get food fast, you will gnaw the leather off your steering wheel.  Here are your best bets when you are stuck at the fast food drive-through.

McDonalds              Grilled Chicken Deluxe, Hold the Special Sauce
Hardee’s                  It’s Hardy Chicken Again; the Only Way Is Fillet
Taco Bell                The Chicken Burrito, but Have Just One
Burger King            BK Broiler Chicken, Just Say No to Mayo
Wendy’s                   Dave’s Grilled Chicken, or Try the Chicken Salad
Long John Silver’s  Baked Fish and a Potato With Salsa
KFC                         Tender Roast White Meat Without the Skin
Subway                    6” Roast Turkey on wheat, hold mayo and the Oil