Your Marathon PR Training Diet

Attention: Marathoners looking for breakthrough performance

Do you know what a difference your marathon diet makes in your marathon training?

I have discovered a surprising way to dramatically improve your performance in your next marathon. And that is:

You can improve your marathon finishing time by 6-20 percent by improving your body composition

If you are carrying around an extra 10 lbs and you now run at a 9:00 minute pace you could improve your marathon time from 3:55:48 to 3:47:04. Without running any extra miles.

Wow! Do you realise how much that extra weight is costing you?

To improve your body composition you improve the ratio of fat mass to lean mass in your body. You lose fat and gain muscle.

Ahhhh you’re thinking “that old weight loss thing”. Been there, done that and did NOT get the t-shirt. I didn’t get the t-shirt either – the 1st time or the 2nd time but this time I got a size small.

I hear you saying “But I have tried to lose weight and NOTHING has worked”

Yes I know, we have been right there with you. Let one of my clients tell you her story.

Why the Metabolic Boost Program Works

Ilana’s Metabolic Boost program doesn’t work because it restricts calories. We both know that would work short term but having fallen for the short term thing before I wanted more this time.  Ilana’s Metabolic Boost program works because it uses nutrition science to design a program tailor made to YOUR life.

This is the difference from my earlier on-line diet program:
[list type=”check”]
[li]Ilana created a meal plan that was SPECIFIC to me,[/li]

[li]She taught me the principles so I could make good choices rather than following a strict “diet”,[/li]

[li]The Metabolic Boost program Ilana made for me was tailored to an athlete,[/li]

[li]Previous plans I tried simply didn’t allow enough calories for endurance training.[/li]

Ilana hammered home the concept of improving body composition. This in turn improves strength-to-weight ratio. You become LEAN AND STRONG.


Just want to thank you in writing for your support all year. Our working relationship has been key in my commitment to losing weight. I could never have done it without you! That said, I champion the role of a Nutritionist (you) to anyone (like me) who really wants to find themselves feeling better about the daunting process of weight loss.

I decided to list the reasons that I believe brought me to success.

  • The personalized booklet you designed for me – relating to my lifestyle and my objectives. I read it like a bible and it made complete sense!
  • The food plans you provided that were specific to my busy work schedule and your willingness to always make changes for me along the way.
  • The knowledge you offered about food choices and how these effect my appetite and my energy levels.
  • Your approach that this is an education in eating and not a restrictive.
  • And the relaxed and focused sessions we had where you spoke to me as a friend and not a client!

Working with you was one of the best decisions that I made this year!

Your friend, Patti


ONForLife is the name of Ilana’s coaching practice – Optimal Nutrition for Life. At ONForLife we create a program just for you. Not just any program but one based in science and backed up with proof.

[pullquote_left]based on science; backed up with proof[/pullquote_left]

Our customized meal plans use real food; we don’t ask you to buy any pre-made fake food. We take you by the hand and show you how to shop, what to buy, what foods to choose. Or not.

You can simply follow the sports training meal plan – or the vegetarian meal plan or the diabetic meal plan- that we create for you. Our meal plans incorporate your whole life. Travelling for business? Check out our restaurant guide and travel guide.

We want you to be LEAN and STRONG. Skinny isn’t good enough. Skinny isn’t lasting. By following our Metabolic Boost program you will effect long term change. While you are in our Coaching Club you will be the beneficiary of our on-going research and education.

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Our clients have PRd, qualified for KONA, fit into their wedding dress, got off medication. Locally and nationally known experts use and recommend the Metabolic Boost Program.

We walk the walk – you are working with triathletes who have had to lose weight – we know exactly where you are coming from.

Now It’s YOUR Turn for Life-Long Results!

Here’s some of the valuable information you’ll get…
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[li]Nutrition Periodization! – What it is and how to apply to your training[/li]

[li]Timing of Meals – When do you get the most bang for your nutrition buck?[/li]

[li]Exactly what to eat and drink the week before, day before and morning of the race to be sure you are fueled and ready to go![/li]

[li]Ensure you have the energy to nail each workout[/li]

[li]Understand your optimal mix of nutrients[/li]

[li]Strong immune system[/li]

[li]Make sure you feed muscles adequately[/li]


The race was very good for me. The race week nutrition plan was dead on and the additional notes about not overeating and more carbs making you hungry really allowed me to focus and stick with the plan and not worry. I hit the start line feeling great and ready to go.

During the race I did what I had been practicing since we started working on race nutrition months ago. I was well fueled the entire way and felt great about the level of energy I had. I have been having issues with my IT band and runner’s knee, but they seemed to clear up during the taper.

They came back during the race; it was however a great race for me. I met or exceeded all of my race goals and PR’ed by 14 minute.


What are you waiting for? Your PR is ready to fall.

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