Healthy Grilling

Daylight saving is not over yet and you still have time and light to heat up the grill.  Healthy substitutes for the old standbys is a great place to start revamping your grilling habits.

Get your grill on, and at the same time, cut fat content:

Replace Beef Burger with Portobello mushroom or veggie burger (saves calories, reduces fat : 90 cals, 3 g fat versus 220 cals, 11 g fat)

Replace white buns with whole wheat buns (Adds fiber. An additional 3 – 5 g fiber in whole wheat versus 0 fiber in white bread)

Replace Mayo with mustard ( 1 T mayo packs 100 cals, all from fat versus 1 T mustard has 15 cals, minimal fat)

Replace Potato chips and creamy dip with baked chips and salsa (Regular chips = 150 cals, 10g fat versus baked 120 cals, 2 g fat. The dip is what really does you in; add 4 g fat for every Tbsp) Yes – cuts FAT !!

Replace Macaroni or potato salad with grilled veggies. (Adds fiber, cuts fat by at 70%)

Replace ice cream bar with frozen fruit bar. (save 60% cals, slash fat.  Look for bars with pureed fruit or real juice)

Replace soda with unsweet iced tea (green tea can add antioxidants, besides having 0 cals. 1 can soda – 120 cals)