What’s For Dinner?

If you are a member of our Optimal Nutrition For Life Club, we will be sending you a link to a new app that will solve that most pressing of problems: What’s For Dinner?

Do you ever find yourself pulling into the grocery store car park trying to remember at least one good recipe? You can’t bear the thought of tasteless, boneless chicken breast again, so you peruse the magazine aisle and end up with Paula Dean’s latest “Stick of Butter and Cream Chicken”.

Well worry no more. When you request it, ONForLife’s app will send you a link to an Ilana Katz approved recipe for dinner.

You have to be a member as that is the only way we will know who you are to send you the link.  Once you have the link you will be able to request the recipe any time. The ONForLife app is not an iphone specific app; anyone who can receive a text message or view a browser on their phone will be able to get the recipe.

Show me where to Become a Member.