Optimal Nutrition for Life Expansion Plans

So I have teased you a bit with my expansion plans for my nutrition coaching practice and today I am finally ready to tell you all about it. Truth is until recently I was still debating about these plans because:

  1. It’s a big scary move for me and
  2. It is way harder to pull off than I imagined (but it is so going to be worth it)

So here goes:

In the old days (that is last week) I delivered all my coaching via face to face meetings. OK – waving to clients in other parts of the country that found me from my famous Runner’s World articles – that isn’t totally true, some of you can’t get to my office. Most of you do come to my office and many of you want more. More time with me to ensure your success and more ways to get the answers.

A few months ago I requested your help via a survey asking for ways I can improve my practice. (BTW, you should definitely do this. The best way to improve what you are doing / offering is to ask your clients for their expert advice.)

  • I learned that many of you wanted an on-line option.
  • I heard you say you wanted a less expensive option.
  • You told me accountability was key to success and you valued a peer group that could hold you accountable.
  • The sheer amount of material I provide with your initial consultation is overwhelming for some and you want an easier way to consume the material.

Beginning next week – drum roll please– my nutrition coaching program – Metabolic Boost – will ALSO be available on-line and right in your own house.

Don’t worry- I will still be providing face-to-face nutrition coaching in my office. The personal interaction with face-to-face clients is often the highlight of my day.

And I can tell from my website analytics that people from all over the world are signing up. I am excited to have a way of helping all those people too.

Listen and see how you can be part of the program

Beginning Tuesday you are invited to join my Coaching Club. ALL OF YOU on my inner circle list as of today, April, 2, 2010, are invited to join as charter members.

The Coaching Club is a new way to deliver content to you and help keep you accountable with your Metabolic Boost program. (See how the Metabolic Boost program raises your metabolism. Then hear how all these people improved their body composition, in layman’s terms: lost body fat.)

What you get with the Coaching Club:

  • Access to our live forum,
  • Group coaching calls,
  • Discounts on future events,
  • Access to cutting edge research,
  • Travel Tips,
  • Body Makeover Recipes,
  • Interviews with other nutrition experts,
  • Interviews with coaches and trainers,
  • Endurance nutrition calculations (if you are an athlete training),
  • Race day nutrition advice,
  • Race week nutrition advice,
  • Training and recovery nutrition,
  • Discounts on future services,
  • And more….

What you get with the Metabolic Boost program:

  • Your customized meal plan based on scientific research into Nutrition and Metabolism,
  • Weekly/ Monthly review of your progress,
  • Live or telephone consultations,
  • Metabolic Boost Cookbook,
  • Grocery list,
  • Fast good guide,
  • Eating out guide,
  • Ethnic Cuisine guide,
  • And more..

Why it is a Big Scary Move

Have you heard the old saying “feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”? If you have worked with me in the past, you know my principle is to teach you to fish. I give you the principles of creating a meal plan in order that you learn to eat purposefully and you create lasting dietary change. Putting you on a diet simply doesn’t work for lasting change.

With the new Metabolic Boost Coaching Club I am taking that teaching principle one step further. I am GIVING you the KEYS to my success. I am giving you the STEP by STEP guide to creating your own Metabolic Boost. This is ALL of the research that goes in to my $500 coaching package. (Yes I do realize that other dietitians charge 3 times that much for the personalized individual coaching I do. I just can’t help it. I want to help more people.)

In fact, the reason this is such a big, scary move is that I am putting all the research that went into the program into your hands. People I have told this to thought I was nuts to give you all this with the new package as I already don’t charge enough.

I’m confident about it though because, as it turns out, some people don’t want to learn to fish- they want you to bring them a fish sandwich and a cold beer. If this is you, I am like FedEx – you absolutely need to have it overnight and I am going to sit side by side with you and make sure it gets there overnight. You pay a bit more for that service but you do that for the confidence that you get it right.

So there you have it: Optimal Nutrition for Life expansion plans. Some of you will want me to bring you the fish sandwich and cold beer; some will go buy the fishing pole.

Check it out. See what works for you. The new plans will be available Tuesday, April 6th AND there is a bonus special for the first 20 people who join. Tuesday morning I will send you all the details on how you can join.

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.

UPDATED: The membership is NOW OPEN!  Kick start your fat loss today.