Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Performance


This is what this site is all about.  People will read this section and they will be able to figure out what they can get here, why they will want to and what their next step is.

Everyone wants to lose weight but no one knows how to do it.  Consistenly.  Effectively.  That is, anyone can lose a bit for a while but how do you make lasting  changes.

What are the principles you need to know to become lean and strong?  Do you have time and energy to research those principles for yourself?

Especially if you are swimming, biking, running or trying to keep up with a two year old.  You have  enough to do to keep up with your laundry. 

Yet knowing the nutritional principles responsible for becoming lean and strong can be the difference between winning and losing.

Actually there is a big difference in knowing what to do and doing it.  Hi, I’m Ilana Katz.  For most of my childhood and young adulthood, I had  a weight problem.  Years of a job consisting of hours sitting at a PC screen.  When I first moved to the US from South Africa I didn’t know anyone and I worked at my Systems Analyst job for many, many hours a week. And I got fat and lazy.

When the misery finally overcame me I resolved to do something about it.  Weight watchers was my first attempt. Here is what worked for me and what didn’t.

I started working out with a personal trainer and became hooked on the changes in my body and mind.  The stronger I became physically , the more clearly I could see the toll my professional frustration was taking on my life.

In an incredible move of clarity and thrill seeking, I decided to chuck it all and become a personal trainer. I very quickly realised that my clients needed more advice than simply how much weight to lift.  They desparately needed to know how to eat. So… back to school for me. 

I have earned a masters degree in dietetics with an emphasis on sports nutrtion.  Along the way I worked with a brilliant, well-respected professor who recommended me for a very prestigous position.  This led to the development of my Metabolic Boost program.

You can eat nothing but 1200 calories a day of Cheetos and you will lose weight.  But… you do realise that will kill you, don’t  you?  (Dear Frito Lay lawyers, just an illustration, no offense to Cheetos intended.)

The Metabolic Boost program will boost your metabolism, which is a key to losing FAT.  This is your goal.  LESS fat.  Less weight you don’t  really care about.

These are the details of how you can get started with the program and Kiss Your Fat Goodbye.  Forever.