Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Remember my study on common characteristics of successful weight loss clients?   While doing that research I saw another pattern: people have different learning styles. Some of you told me that accountability was key to your weight loss success; others told me that once you had the knowledge and plan you were good to go. I wanted to create a platform that accommodates all those needs and beyond.

So here’s the scoop.

In addition to my one-on-one coaching I am giving you membership into an on-line program.

Some of you have already signed up for the free membership level.  You have seen articles, worksheets and tips in areas such as:

  • Recipe of the Week
  • Sport Specific Strategies
  • Clinical Nutrition and Health
  • Food Facts and Myths
  • Weight Management Strategies

I am continuing to add valuable material to help you reach your body composition goals.

You know I don’t try to sell you supplements or powders so you don’t have to worry about that. (In fact, you might be surprised to hear what I think of supplements.)

The core of my Metabolic Boost philosophy will not change

When you get started, we will still conduct the initial interview and I will create your plan. (Unless you choose the Do It Yourself option, more on that later.)

But now, you will have a choice on how follow-ups and follow-throughs are accomplished.  All of the membership packages have access to the coaching club.  Some of what you will get as a member:

  • More Recipes,
  • Your own recipes adapted,
  • More research results,
  • Interviews with other experts,
  • Nutrition Lessons,
  • Nutrition tips for enhanced success
  • Access to a forum for support and guidance
  • Webinars (still brainstorming with this myself, but the possibilities are endless, like cooking lessons, grocery store tours, and whatever else comes in as requests from you guys)
  • And of course much much more… there is just so much I have to offer to you guys… and I cannot wait to do it, I have such a passion for it, as most of my current clients already know 😉

The basic differences in the packages are the frequency and length of follow-up.

  • Accelerated package: Weekly follow-up,
  • Complete package: Monthly follow-up.
  • Starter package:  Follow-up only if needed.
  • Do It Yourself package (DIY):  I will give you my research and step-by-step guide to creating your own program plan. You will have the science behind the plan, sample plans, guidelines and checklists.  But the key difference is that you create your own plan.

No matter which option you choose I will always be available for additional consultation.  AND I am adding more ways to have the consultation: E-mail, Skype, Group coaching calls, again, with the amazing increase in technology at our fingertips, these possibilities are also endless…

The last option – the DIY package is the plan I am most nervous about.  I am giving you in written form all my research, my calculations, my “secret ingredients” (so to speak). Though it seems like it should be the most expensive package, it will actually be very reasonable for all the work I put into it. So as affordable as it is, you will have access to a lifetime of knowledge, and you can massage it into what is going to work best for you, yourself.

Details to follow…

  • Recipe of the Week ( 2 Articles )
    Try our recipes, incorporate them into your meal plan. Registered members have access to all of our recipes.
  • Sport Specific Strategies ( 17 Articles )
    Are you training for a marathon? Unsure about race day nutrition? Wonder what / if/ how much you should eat before workout out?
  • Clinical Nutrition and Health ( 2 Articles )
    How much does what you eat affect your health?  Can your diet help you fight off the swine flu?
  • Food Facts and Myths ( 5 Articles )
    The title pretty much sums it up.  Who can you trust?
  • Weight Management Strategies ( 8 Articles )
    Does when  you eat affect your weight?  How do I break that 10pm munchie habit?

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  1. Sarah says:

    Ilana, this is fabulous! Can't wait to hear more!!

  2. Ilana says:

    Thanks Sarah… how's your Ironman training going? getting close, huh? You will love Couer d'Alene – I was there in 2008 – its so beautiful, sun comes up at 4:30am… lots of celebs have houses there, for good reason – what an escape 😉 (yeah, AFTER IM, right??) I am sure I will see you "on the road" one of these days, as usual, as some of us crazies are always out an about running or riding…