I Fit Into My Wedding Dress

Hi Ilana!

I know that you have go to be super busy now that Phil’s picture has been posted on Q100.  Great job by the way!  Phil looks fantastic!

I also want to say thank you so much for all of your help with my goal.  I did reach my goal of 115 lbs by the wedding (which I was ecstatic about!).  It made such a difference.  And my results seem to have paid off for you, as it seems as though there are quite a few people

who have solicited your services as a result.  Don’t worry, there are quite a few more people that I know who are thinking about contacting you.  I think you are going to need another vacation soon!


Anyway, I thought that you might enjoy taking a look at some pictures from my wedding.  The pictures are online until May 12th.  (click on the collage if you would like to see more pictures).

Thanks again for everything!