Lowest Cholesterol Level in Years


This week is my 52nd week working with you as my dietitian. It doesn’t seem that long but time flies when good things happen.

With your help and guidance I have lost close to 50 lbs. Just this past week I had my periodic blood test performed by my physician and my total Cholesterol level is 129. My lowest level in so many years I can’t remember.

The one item that gives me so much pleasure, other than losing the weight,

is purchasing smaller size clothing. It feels so good looking at myself in a mirror. Prior to you I would never do that.


I have learned so much from you about the right foods to eat and when to eat them. With all that we have done you made it so very easy following your directions and using common sense to eating. I have really never been hungry eating the smart foods and at the times that you suggest. And all along I was losing weight.

I don’t remember the cost of our working together but it was worth every penny. You are worth twice as much for what you have helped me to accomplish. We are not finished yet!  More pounds to lose and more smaller clothes to buy.

All I can say is – THANK YOU!!!