129! A Number I Never Thought I Would See Again

Hi Ilana…

a quick update for you…

the last few races have been a success (last one is this weekend). The trip to Boston and all of the hoopla over making weight went off without a hitch. My goal was 132, but i ended up weighing in at 129.8.

A number I NEVER thought i would see again. Needless to say,

I am back to a comfortable 133-135.


I am going to try to maintain around here this winter and start some strength training in December or January (take some time off and enjoy the holidays). This last race of the season is this weekend and I only have to weigh in at 135, so I don’t have any fears of hitting that.

I have to say…I made quite a few converts with the protein shakes (good thing i brought my blender to Boston). Anyway, maybe early next month I can come in and we can talk about maintenance? I would like to get my body fat tested now so I have something to work for with the strength training this winter.

Thanks so very much for all fo ryour help… without your plan, I don’t think I would be racing quite as good.
speak with you soon!!